Client Services

  • Industry Credit Groups
    Industry Credit Groups facilitate the exchange of information for NACM Nashville members within the same industry, through informative round-table discussions of customer accounts and industry-specific credit management procedures. Group meetings provide invaluable networking opportunities for member credit professionals. Get the inside track on credit applications, personal guarantees and letters-of-credit.

    Your Industry Credit Group meets face-to-face and peer-to-peer to discuss accounts receivable of mutual customers. Within a network of trusted professional contacts, you assess current trade-line data. You have detailed public record information at your fingertips, such as judgements, liens, bankruptcies, collections and returned checks. You also learn about industry news, such as legal rulings, technological developments, job openings and educational opportunities.

    Why Attend Industry Credit Groups?

    Group involvement can be an educational experience for you by:
    • Receiving early warning signs of possible problems with customers
    • Learning and following payment habits of customers
    • Controlling your accounts Getting up-to-date credit information Having credit references worked up for you fast and effectively
    • Interacting with other credit managers

    Membership is a prerequisite to industry credit group membership.
  • Collections
    NACM Nashville, in conjunction with NACM Knoxville, now offers a professional commercial collection service, with many years of knowledge and experience in collecting past due accounts.
  • Education
    Learn about NACM's credit program as well as books and videos to enhance your knowledge of the credit field.
  • Tax Return Verifications
    Online income verification process that provides an efficient and cost effective means to verify an individual’s income from the IRS with Form 4506T. Over 60% of all mortgage fraud includes income or identity misrepresentations.
  • Notice of Completion
  • Public Records Subscription