Commercial Credit Reporting and Trade Group Management Services

Mission Statement

"To be the preeminent association offering professional credit services through total commitment to our members, associates and the community"

Who We Are & What We Do

We are an NACM association with an internet based system, providing credit exchange to members on a secured environment. Real time credit reports, alerts, historical data and meeting preparation are automated and online.

We are NACM Nashville, the Nashville Service Bureau of the National Association of Credit Management. Our Customers and Clients are located in Nashville (Local) and Tennessee (Statewide). NACM Nashville services 3 Regional Credit Groups utilizing well over 2 Million Lines of Credit Trade Experience in our database.

NACM members are business credit grantors in manufacturing, wholesaling, service industries and financial institutions. Business credit is an integral part of the American economy. The business credit executive (the NACM member) is an essential player in our free enterprise system. Virtually every business transaction that concerns another business involves credit. NACM members are served by 52 Affiliated Associations throughout the country and by NACM-National, the national headquarters office.

NACM's Purposes and Objectives

  • To promote honest and fair dealings in credit transactions.
  • To assure good laws for sound credit.
  • To foster and facilitate the exchange of credit information.
  • To encourage efficient service in the collection of accounts.
  • To promote and expedite sound credit administration in international trade.
  • To encourage training for credit work, through colleges, universities, home-study courses and other means.
  • To foster and encourage research in the field of credit.
  • To disseminate useful and instructive articles and ideas with respect to credit management techniques.
  • To promote economy and efficiency in the handling of estates of insolvent, embarrassed or bankrupt debtors.
  • To provide facilities for the investigation and prevention of fraud.

The Credit and Trade Group Services we provide include

  • Automated, Private Group Computer Databases
  • Credit Reports - On-Line
  • NSF "Flash" Notification Reports - Weekly or Monthly
  • Past Due and Flash Account Monitoring
  • Days Sales Outstanding Summary Reports and Charts
  • Past Due Listing Reports
  • Professional Meeting Management
  • Express Notification
  • D&B Reports
  • CIC Credit - Pull Consumer Reports Online
  • Experian Business Credit Reports
  • Comprehensive Personal Background Searches

If you have any questions regarding our Corporate Credit Services, please contact our Sales Department at:

NACM Nashville
2206 21st Avenue South
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
fax 615-292-2198